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    Robert Allen is the leading fabric house of the
    interior design community. Our creative tradition
    of exploring the directional trends of color and
    its subtle nuances ensures carefully chosen
    palettes that are at once comprehensive and
    selectively edited.
    With a spectrum of designs ranging from formal
    to casual and bold to understated, Robert Allen
    fabrics provide the necessary tools to create the
    most distinguished of spaces.
    http://waverly.com/ In decorating there are
    few, if any, rules. Instead there are general
    principles or "Rules of Thumb" that decorators
    use to guide their decisions. Select from our list
    of How-To's to learn more about how you too can
    use these guidelines to create beautiful rooms.
    Pate-Meadows Designs specializes in the creation
    of professional sewing patterns.  We have
    created a line of curtain patterns and drapery
    panel patterns for high-end window treatments.
    Barrow Industries was founded in 1945 and has
    been family owned and operated for three
    generations. The company was founded on three
    basic principles: commitment to innovative
    products, offering superior service and quality
    and maintaining excellent values. As we have
    grown over the years, Barrow Industries has
    continued to govern itself by these guidelines.  
    Merrimac Textile Co. is a division of Barrow.

    Barrow Industries is a leading international home
    furnishings company specializing in the design
    and distribution of 54" upholstery fabrics.
    Sew What?, Ltd. HOME page
    At Sew What?, Ltd., we strive to maintain a large
    inventory of the best fabrics from our many
    resources, and can custom order from dozens of
    fabric manufacturers and distributors.
    (Some custom order fabrics require a minimum purchase
    of 20 Yards to receive the best prices available.)
    Fabricut, Inc. is a converter of fine fabrics and
    one of the largest sources of fabrics for the
    home furnishing industry.  When you are looking
    for larger amounts of Fabricut exclusive fabrics
    (20 yards or more of a fabric), we can offer great
    discounts, often as low as wholesale prices.
    Trend is a fabric source that offers a large
    selection of fabrics and strive to keep updated
    styles, colors and fashions available at
    reasonable prices.  They have a large selection
    of flame retardant fabrics for the commercial and
    hospitality markets.